LIFESTEPS – Weight Management Program


combines nutrition, physical activity, and group support


  • 16 weekly, sequential sessions 45-60 minutes in length
  • Groups of 10-18 participants
  • 11 additional maintenance sessions

Each participant is responsible for developing a personal plan of action. The LIFESTEPS leader serves as a facilitator for change by providing the group members with information, support, and guidance.

Leaders provide information, support, and guidance

The program is introduced with an Orientation Session where prospective participants learn about the LIFESTEPS program and determine their readiness for change. Interested individuals then participate in a one-on-one interview with the leader based on motivational interviewing principles to assess:

  • Readiness to change
  • Willingness to do key activities such as recording daily food intake and participating in regular physical activity.
  • Health status
  • Weight loss history

Are you ready for a change?

Each of the 16 program sessions includes:

  • Identification of a key behavior important for a healthy lifestyle
  • Rationale for modifying the behavior
  • Assessment of the behavior
  • Topic information
  • Development of an action plan

The sessions provide opportunities for:

  • Group discussion
  • Role playing
  • Problem solving

Emphasis is placed on identification of personal high-risk situations and the development of strategies for relapse prevention. Information is presented sequentially and each step builds on the previous one. Sessions are spaced to allow time for participants to practice new behaviors. A brief description of each session follows. Click here