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Weight Loss

Learn how to make lifelong changes to avoid “yo-yo” dieting improve health and well being, and improve self esteem.  Trade “dieting” for tools which will enable you to eat anywhere, anytime and without a guilty conscience.

Individual Nutrition Counseling

Nutritional expertise given to individual to make healthy lifestyle changes to meet personal and health related goals.  Assistance with developing an individualized healthy meal plan, regular exercise program and behavior modification.

Group Nutritional Counseling

Small groups receive tools to make healthy lifestyle changes including healthy meal planning (at home, at work, at social functions or traveling), and behavior modification relating to eating lifestyles and exercise habits.

Corporate Wellness Program

Designed to help decrease health risks of employees in order to increase productivity at work, decrease medical costs and increase overall employee satisfaction.  Individual assessments followed with individual or group wellness education.

Sports Nutrition

Increase performance and improve overall health and wellness through instruction on meal planning prior to, during and after activity.  Proper nutrition during pre-season, in-season, off-season and during injury or illness.

Weight Gain

Help given to gain weight with healthy lifestyle changes which will promote good overall health, improve self-esteem and increase energy and improved well being.

Meal Planning

Instruction given to enable you to design healthy personalized meal plans at home, at work or traveling.  Meal planning is made simple, especially for those that don’t have time to cook.

Individual Wellness Program

Specialized program designed to improve health and wellness of individuals through assessing all facets of lifestyle and training individuals to make lifelong changes in many areas.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Individuals empowered to make changes in personal lifestyle and experience a new attitude and confidence in self in order to start living life to the fullest while feeling great.